Inflection Point

The last few days were full of momentious change, decision, intriegue, dilemma, and drama. Everything becomes clearer, more complicated, more concise. The emotion is: Jump! Well, what is below?

For those in the know, my co-worker R– prior to retiring, eloped across the street at the municipal hall and got married to D. He’s now somewhere in Gothenberg, Sweeden. Congrats to the lucky couple!

Iron Chefs from Japan pass the torch to Iron Chef America. And they get trounced! Lots of fun.

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Go to Union Square on Sunday for the 25th CAPA fair.

Catch up on my month’s pictures here.

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  1. The pictures looked great. Anymore details on the Iron Chef for the cable-deprived? (i.e., so original Iron chef series better/worse/equal to Iron Chef America?)….

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