The Good and the Great

Shook hands with Ismail Merchant yesterday at my college’s alumni dinner near Grand Central. He actually was a MBA student, and was exposed to literature and film by osmosis. I have to be honest, I have never watched any of his films (I’m sure P– will fill me in on them and catch me up). However, I know about his Indian food – he’s a great chef and he is such a foodie, it is not funny. That is worthy of honor.

The college president reported publically for the first time that the that arms of the Mars explorers are made from steel taken from the WTC site. The college brokered the arrangement between NASA and the authorities here. I feel a whole array of emotions. Wow, that was am amazing, spectacular deal they pulled off that shows the college’s high guan-xi (connections) quotient. On the other hand, why does everyone want a piece of the wreckage? There is a thin line between memorial and morbidity.

I’m going to meet my friends from Newport Beach that are flying in on a 2 hour layover from London. Let’s see what kind of food I can find for them.

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