And another blog entry for the road

One more entry for the day – I was away for awhile, so might as well make up for lost time, right? (and, FC, where are more California stories? Post them, if not a picture or something!)

– Men’s final four on Saturday – Georgia Tech v. Oklahoma State. As of this hour, Georgia Tech has won – not a team I picked at all. Duke v. U Conn is about to begin….

Need some on-line or news reading? Some suggestions…
(a) Political reading?
–’s William Saletan has an interesting analysis on the George W. Bush camp’s criticism of the George W. Bush’s opponents and critics. If everybody who started out as supporting GWB initiatives/policies then didn’t like the execution of the initiatives/policies (or lack thereof), are such “flip-floppers” really so wrong, as the GWB camp would say they are? Well, I don’t think they’re traitors – maybe they legitimately changed their minds. Maybe they’re not just being “political” averse to GWB. Hmm.

– NY Times notes the Conservative Republicans’ attempt to oust moderate/old-time Republicans who aren’t as conservative, as seen in the example of a bunch of the conservatives out to take down Senator Arlen Spector (R-Pennsylvania). There is something not smart about what the hard-core conservatives are doing – they’re not being any better than George W. Bush camp’s “either you’re with us or you’re against us” line of thought. Why attack an incumbent senator, when your real target should be the opposition party, i.e., the possible Demoractic candidate? Have they not learned anything from the Democrats – intraparty problems won’t help in the long run? On the other hand, the Bush camp will likely make everyone in the GOP unite in time for the convention in NYC (heavens knows that some of these hard-core conservatives are scared out of their minds to be coming to my hometown because, you know, the hometown is Sin City to them, especially when there are a bunch of liberals around here) – but, seriously, I miss the true moderate Republican, and the conservatives’ blatant opposition to the moderates of their own party is unappetizing stuff.

(b) NY Times’ early posting of the travel articles – nice article on Macao. I’ve never been there, so I wonder if this article does it any justice. On the other hand, I thought it was fascinating anyway – never realized that the Portugeuse influence was so strong in Macao.

The latest American Express commercial with the golf course and the gopher from the “Caddyshack” movie – it’s funny – the gopher’s cute, in a psycho way (as he was in the movie – disclaimer: I have yet to watch all “Caddyshack” from start to finish, but have watched the commercials and parts of it often enough when WPIX Channel 11 used to show it every year). Anyway, Tiger Woods as the Bill Murray role (the guy out to get the gopher and couldn’t) – funny and very expressive (has Tiger been improving on the acting thing?). I almost didn’t realize that it was Tiger – he had the whole slacker-Murray look down well.

Plot: Tiger almost destroys the golf course because of his Ahab chase of Gopher. His clever move to get Gopher – using his American Express card to hire a terminator who knows the best way to get Gopher – using that darn song from “Caddyshack” will apparently “always works” to get Gopher out of the hole and do his little dance and create an ample opportunity to dump Gopher into a bag. Tiger is happy. Golf course back to normal. Does it make me want to use my American Express more? Umm, no. But, it does make me want to watch “Caddyshack.” And, again, Gopher’s so cute and furry, even if, well, destructive. B+ commercial.

So it goes. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Sleep to keep some shred of the lost hour…

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