Oh, and some non-Asian rambling

– Men’s NCAA Basketball Final Four: Georgia Tech v. Oklahoma State; Duke v. UConn. The only thing I got right was Duke, and I didn’t even pick Duke to be the final two or final one. Oh, well. Should be an interesting pair of games – wonder if UConn will beat Duke…? (the only “local” team left is UConn…)

– This weekend, I finished reading “An Antic Disposition” by Alan Gordon. Great, great book of a great series. Series summary: the series takes place in the late 12th century Europe; the protagonist the mysterious jester Feste of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” is more than meets the eye, in acting not just as a comedian but as a catalyst of geo-political matters of the times). The latest book is a version of “Hamlet,” picking up themes that Mr. Gordon has put in place in the series – and it’s such a wonderfully emotional story. Lest ye think that this isn’t blog-relevant, be advised that according to the bookjackets of each book in the series, Mr. Gordon is an attorney for Legal Aid Society in Queens – a member of the profession with remarkable talent.

– Actor/writer/humanitarian Peter Ustinov passed away yesterday. He will be remembered for a lot of things; I enjoyed watching him in one or two PBS documentaries, where he had such a sophisticated air and lovely plummy accent while regaling on the romance of the Orient Express. One of his more famous roles was as the famous fictitious Orient Express detective, Agatha Christie’s Hercules Poirot.

– On a pleasant note, baseball season is coming, baseball season is coming!!!

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