More basketball? or Going Asian tonight

And the basketball stuff continues. And my bracket’s not looking too bad right now. Sort of. Depends on the results of the Pittsburgh-Central Florida game.

Developments in the case of James Yee, the Asian-American/Muslim/army chaplain who was in Guatanamo Bay; Army appears to be dropping the espionage charges – but Capt. Yee will still face a (relatively minor) penalty for downloading porn on the government-issued laptop. Oh, and apparently, the adultery charges too. Ah, well.

Friday’s arts: NY Times’ Holland Carter writes on the Asian art exhibit in Washington, D.C. – such nice writing and sounds like a great exhibit.

I’ve been noticing the latest commercials on Mr. Peanut (the Planters mascot), and they never seemed to stir much in me; plus the latest Mr. Peanut appearance during the NCAA games are odd – where Mr. Peanut plays some basketball with the various college mascots – the animation uses too much bold, black lines. Looks too fake-cartoony to me. Personally, I think Mr. Peanut has too much of a shiny sheen that doesn’t look right. NY Times ad man, Stuart Elliot, notes that Mr. Peanut’s transformation is less about his Fred Astaire debonair but more on a slick attitude that goes with the times – and change may not be too good for Mr. Peanut.

The latest Entertainment Weekly’s interesting – Hugh Jackman on the cover and a preview of his upcoming movie – “Van Helsing.” More curiously, EW profiles the tv show “Las Vegas,” which I concede isn’t too bad a show – watchable (although I haven’t watched a full hour of it in awhile – it is admittedly nothing too heavy-weight) – but the article clarified some of the characters who kept confusing me (i.e., James Caan’s character is a higher level executive in that casino after all; and yeah, Nikki Cox’s character was a prostitute in the pilot episode, wasn’t she?). So, maybe “Las Vegas” deserves a second look one of these days.

Back to basketball – get ready for Round 2 of the tournament.

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