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Interesting stuff in today’s NY Times:

What does it take to be The Man – in the NBA, that is. Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan – can they be The Man? Duncan has the championship rings, so does O’Neal – and yet… Or, do they lack the “killer instinct” that it takes to be The Man?

What does it take to be The Woman? The NY Times’ Maureen Dowd comments on the revitalized Laura Bush and, once again, I wonder what we expect from the First Lady in the turn of the 21st century – fighting for her man, being her own woman, or what?

Continuing a running thread on the blog, I’ll note Tom Friedman’s column today about the outsourcing issue. Friedman highlights a question posed by Robert Reich (ex-secretary of the Dept. of Labor under Clinton): “‘The fundamental question we have to ask as a society is, what do we do about it?'” Friedman closes with his response: “Either way, managing this phenomenon will require a public policy response — something more serious than the Bush mantra of let the market sort it out, or the demagoguery of the Democratic candidates, who seem to want to make outsourcing equal to treason and punishable by hanging. Time to get real.”

The Arts section of the Times profiles actor Christopher Plummer – hmm. I know that he’s an amazing actor, but I’m one of those nuts who still sees him as Capt. von Trapp. Well, time to sing the “Sound of Music” farewell song and bid adieu…

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