It’s almost the end of the week…

I’ve been quite busy; you’d think that with the President’s day holiday on Monday that a short week wouldn’t be so busy.

NY Times’ Quotation of the Day:

“We are not going away. We are staying together, unified, all of us.” – Howard Dean, M.D.

Nice words, Governor; easier said than done, of course. I’ll give Dr. Dean credit for giving us a real strange ride in the 21st century’s first presidential campaign (putting aside the question of whether the year 2000 counts as “21st century” and considering how the Internet had such an influence on the Deaniacs). Otherwise, let’s see how a political veteran like Kerry (and how a smooth litigator like Edwards) will pull it off…

NBC’s Tom Brokaw had an interesting op-ed piece in the Times today – raising the question of whether the American homefront should sacrifice more in the war effort. Our interesting times are not like the wartime experiences of the “Greatest Generation” that Brokaw has long profiled – wherein the Victory gardens and the huge recycling efforts made WWII a unified struggle (and the one and only “good” war, putting aside whether we view the War Against Terrorism as a “good” war, one usually defined as clear Good v. clear Evil). has an interesting article on lawyers who blog (usually on substantive stuff, of course), in “It’s a Blog World After All.”

Last night’s “Angel” was good and hilarious – due to a mystical mishap, Angel is turned into a… muppet? (puppet would have to be the correct term, since “Muppet” is a trademark, I suppose). It’s strangely funny to see a sword wielding vampire in fuzzy felt fabric form. Meanwhile, the sidekick Charles Gunn’s mystically-empowered brain is losing his mystically-gained (and arguably endowed by the powers of evil) legal skills and education. He (probably wrongfully) recharges himself with more (evil-influenced) mysticism to regain his competency as a (probably shouldn’t be practicing) lawyer. Hehehe. And, WB is cancelling this series? Ugh!

Perhaps “Star Trek: Enterprise” should wither away, so to let the Powers that Be behind the Star Trek universe recharge their creative juices? (considering that I’m of the few of my acquaintances who has managed to last this long – since most lost their interest due to the inconsistencies of “Star Trek: Voyager” – I’m amazed that I have finally weaned myself (sort of) off my Trekkiness. “Enterprise” is sort of like 12-step program for old Trekkies/Trekkers – not that I want to insult the current Powers behind Star Trek, but the current show just lacks a certain panache). So it goes. Can’t wait for Friday.

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