This & That, Platanos & Collard Greens

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Saw the off-Bway play Platanos & Collard Greens yesterday. One of my friends is in it from law school, and was a lot more complex than I expected. Recommended.

The teams were reshuffled into co-ed teams on the Apprentice after 4 successive losses by the boy’s team. The two companies were each given $1,000 to buy stuff to be sold at a flea market; the team with the most profit wins. Getting a heads-up on future sleezyness, $200 is “lost” (aka embezzled) by one of the teams and they lose.

I find out that YC’s ex lives directly above P–‘s apartment. Major world wide disbelief ensues. Everyone’s ok about this, though, I think.

Read The Passport, reading The Tipping Point. Titles of books nowadays tend to be physical nouns rather than verbs or gerunds. Why is that?

Mission impossible: I’m going to run to Chelsea Market, buy a dozen roses, and deliver them to P– before 10 am. Let’s see if this can happen.

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  1. They invented 1-800-Flowers just for people like you F C. I’m sure you two will have a great V-day.

    I’m still getting killed over here in Taiwan with whatever bug that hit me. I think I’m going to have to severely limit my food choices here so that my system can recover. It’s managable for now but with so many social calls coming up….

    Yes, it’s a small small world where the past meets the present and possibly the future. Here in TPE, there’s a lot of NYU connections that F C and A J have here. Fascinating how it all works out.

    Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


  2. That’s so sweet, FC. Better get there to get the roses as early as possible (and don’t get them from the deli strorefronts, because, as Channel 11 news said last night, those are not where you get the fresh roses).

    My co-workers and I came to the conclusion at work today that V-Day is too commercialized. Whatever you do, don’t give in to commercialism and enjoy simplicity, love, romance, and other good values. I’ll step off the soapbox now…

  3. Everything is commercialized. In Taiwan, they’re trying to make Valentine’s day a holiday here too! Not sure how that’s working out though… but the ad displays are pretty impressive!

    I find it rather humorous in a dark way though… Valentine, your one and only and similar such sentiments is hard to jive with here when it’s your one and only might apply geographically, or not at all, so how can each be special? Mistresses here are just another male accessory, it depends on how much you’re willing to spend…

    Oh, F C, if you see P’s upstair’s friend, you can pass her the bad news that her past fav french places Lutece and La Cote Basque are going out of business and she might want to hit them up for sentimental reasons.


  4. So last night Taipei V-Day was extremely successful commercially. City was humming and restaurants were packed. Now interestingly enough, that means there are two V-days the greater Chinese population celebrates, the US one and the Chinese one. I guess that’s fair enough, there’s probably usually two anyways… heh heh

    Sorry, I should not be so cynical on this day!


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