Friday the 13th…

The day before V-Day…

Some ABA E-Journal referred articles that I thought were interesting:

– should the so-called professionals be exempt from consumer protection laws, because they’re self-regulated? NJ says yes, and sent the issue back to the legislature to say otherwise?

“ABA Says States Should Decide Who Can Marry” – seems like the ABA is aware that the reality of federalism, as the Founding Fathers knew, is about balancing the states’ rights and the federal government’s roles: while the ABA has postponed deciding its actual position on gay marriage (not an easy issue), it clearly holds that states have jurisdiction over marriage. Plus, ABA is sure that states shouldn’t rough up immigrants, because that’s the feds’ job.

I thought the political scene currently is eerie; besides the whole What Did George W. Do During the 1970’s?/What’s John Kerry Doing in That Photo Behind Jane Fonda During his Anti-Vietname Phase? (and why can’t we leave both guys alone with what they did or didn’t do during the 1970’s?), the Wesley Clark quip to John Kerry was amusing. According to the NY Times today, Clark headed to Wisconsin to endorse Kerry and the remark:

“‘Request permission to come aboard, the Army’s here,’ a smiling General Clark said as he and Mr. Kerry appeared at a rally here, four days before the Wisconsin primary.

“Mr. Kerry, a Navy lieutenant during the Vietnam War, said, ‘This is the first time in my life I’ve ever had the privilege of saying ‘Welcome aboard’ to a four-star general.'”

Plus, the NY Times article closes with an amusing moment for other remaining Democratic party candidate John Edwards: “Mr. Edwards took questions from the crowd in Racine [WI], which included dozens of high school students, but his drive to reach voters was apparent. Before he began answering, he whispered to an aide, ‘Are they old enough to vote?'”

Yes, and that’s the way the world is…

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