Lord of the Rings

Finally saw the third movie of the “Lord of the Rings” today. Great movie. Great acting. Sean Astin ought to be nominated Best Supporting actor for his role; I’m not just saying that because his character was good, but because his acting was so strong. He stood out. Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn was also great. I can only say “great” so many times, but it was such a rich movie, despite some plot holes (then again, I have yet to read the books, and I probably should); suspension of belief makes one accept anything so long as the acting itself is believable.

Such a great movie; worth the money and time to see it.

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  1. Yes it was great…and the whole trilogy was great as well. I know, get your thesaurus out, “great” is getting over used. I don’t know where this ranks against the Stars Wars trilogy. It could probably be better by a very slight margin. Emotionally, Lord of the Rings was more satisfying. Also, the acting was better and it held pretty true to the books which is extraordinary in itself. But Star Wars was revolutionary….

    Speaking of Star Wars whatever is going to happen with the 3rd installment of the prequel? Or they waiting for Natalie Portman to get a little older? She’s one very good actress and a cutie ;). I first noticed her as Mathilda in “The Professional”…. as well as Jean Reno, who is an excellent actor.


  2. The third episode was the best, although the last 20 minutes could have been run under the credits. It’s like Asian people who have to spend forever to deliver their goodbyes after leaving a restaurant….

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