T’was the night before Xmas….

Interesting NY Times articles, law-related and otherwise:

Lenny Bruce, comedian arrested and convicted in 1964 for using obscene language in his stand-up, received a posthumous pardon by Governor Pataki, a first in NY. Considering that much of that kind of language is in stand-up these days, the pardon was probably long in coming. But, what is the precedential value of this, I wonder?

Selection of judges in NY is problematic

China is a haven for those trying to leave the conditions of North Korea – but it’s not a simple situation, according to Nicholas Kristof.

Christmas poetry: former poet laureate Robert Pinsky presents Thomas Hardy’s “The Oxen” on Slate.com. I like the imagery of the poem.

Christmas music: PBS in NYC is showing “Andrea Bocelli: Sacred Arias.” The tenor has such a nice voice. He’s a former attorney, whose biography indicated that his time as a law student was “fondly recalled as a highly enjoyable period in his life.” Uh, sure. 😉 Either way, listening to a voice like this singing sacred music is very nice.

“The Nutcracker” is on PBS and and other networks, in a wide variety of versions. Watch one of them and you’ll feel good. Really. Or at least watch something with holiday-relevance, if you haven’t already.

Merry Christmas, everybody!!! Happy Chanukah!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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