And in the news today…

I may never fully understand the problems of campaign finance reform, but the NY Times had the quote of the day:

“We are under no illusion. Money, like water, will always find an outlet. What problems will arise, and how Congress will respond, are concerns for another day.”
– JUSTICES JOHN PAUL STEVENS and SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR, upholding new campaign finance rules.

Hmm. Money like water… Such a needed resource, and yet we can never get enough of it… I like the analogy. Then again, how willing am I to plow through a many-page-Supreme Court decision to find more of the analogies that the nine justices are so good at making? directed me to this article about how California bar exam takers should take heart; failing the nation’s toughest bar exam isn’t so bad because lots of people fail it and it’s the toughest bar exam. Then, California gets to pat itself on the back for filtering out incompetents from practicing and yet, what’s so good about being the toughest when it means telling lots of people to either find another state to practice law or else be very realistic before applying to take that state’s bar exam or enter non-certified California law school. It once again highlights how the process can be such a mind game. Plus, there is something very disturbing about the points the article made – for instance, does it really make anyone feel better about not being able to practice law in California because it has the toughest bar exam? What does it say about the profession of law; that California is that progressive or that insightful and that protective of the consumers/clients?

Just a rant; it may not mean very much and I should really find other things in the news to peruse…

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