At Home in Honolulu

Day Two in Honolulu. I wanted to be Hawaiian for the day and four students were coming into HNL that night. I went to Chinatown to buy lei’s (Lin’s Lei Shop is the place to go — it’s like a 1/3 of the price at the airport, assuming the stores were open, which they were not because they were night flights). I took the 19 bus to the airport, which took about 45 minutes. P– called me on the cell phone on the way there. She was also on public transport — the Q train. At the airport, I met John who was meeting his Korean wife coming in from Newark. He is a German who moved here from Middle Village, Queens. He was a butcher before moving here and got into the real estate investment business. The team members showed up ahead of schedule; I made my alohas and they were estatic. To be on the giving end of aloha was worth it.

Other stuff I did that day: plate lunch at I Love Country; shaved ice (green tea and mochi — mmmm….) at Waiola Bakery. The Triple Crown of surfing is going on, but that is on the North Shore. Lu’au tonight!

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  1. I want to see the pics Fran! When you coming back? I’m back in NYC from Nov 20-29th. I guess I will have to call you…


  2. Er Webmaster guru, oh holiness, Apache highness…. I can’t log in to contribute to the blog-fest. What’s my account and passwd? Can you reset?

    Too bad ur not going to Kauai.. hook up with my friend cliff.


    To Ms TV Guide … amazing :O. Looks like Boomtown got canned for good 🙁

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