Every Step You Take (Redux)

Stairmaster in your future?

[I’ve recreated this article from memory. I hope it matches what I wrote.]

My mom gave me this pedometer (see picture at right) that she got from the 99 cent store. She couldn’t figure out how it works, so that’s how I got it. I wore it watching the Yankees-Red Sox game 3 (pretty violent) and Kill Bill Vol. 1 (very violent), and racked up 6800 steps, or 3 and a quarter miles. People say you should walk 10,000 steps a day. Let’s see how I do during the week. [Today, I walked under 600 steps as I didn’t leave my apartment, so I have a lot of catching up to do!]

NYU suffered a second student suicide this year. The unidentified student walked off the side of the 10th floor indoor balcony of Bobst Library, the same way as last month. Supposedly there are psychological design features to discourage jumping, such as spike patterns in the floor and cross-shaped cross-sections in the railing. Up until now it seemed to have worked, because no one had ever dared to jump from there before now. When I went there, the preferred method was walking out of dorm room windows.

How is it that the world knows that a coach was cut on the nose, but students die so anonymously?

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