In Hot Water

Back of the train in Brooklyn

The hot water in the apartment came back on today after being off for the last two days. It was pretty bad in this nippy weather. It was back to the concrete slab bathroom and two pots of boiled water method of bathing. I can deal with a lot of rough living and inconvenience, but not having a hot shower really bites.

In other news, the semi-final results of the recall:
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. Cruz Bustamante
3. Tom McClintock
4. Peter Camejo
5. Arianna Huffington
6. Peter Ueberroth
7. Larry Flynt
8. Gary Coleman
9. George B. Schwartzman
10. Mary Carey

Proposition 54 preventing collection of racial demographic data was soundly defeated, as well as Proposition 53 allocating up to 3% of the state budget to infrastructure.

The Boston Red Sox won the first game against the Yankees 5-2 for the pennant. I’m torn between supporting New York and supporting the underdogs.

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