A Busy Triscribe Weekend

Just checking in on what will be a busy triscribe weekend.

YC had shared this on Facebook; figured I’d pass it along – fascinating interview by Robin Roberts with Michelle Kwan.

And… coming in July 2012: Steve Byrne plays Steve Sullivan, corporate lawyer who gives it up to take over his dad’s bar, in “Sullivan and Son.”  Please, please, please, be a decent sitcom. And, is it funny that a corporate lawyer gets to give it up? And,  what do we say about sitcoms with APA’s? (please, please, please be better than “All-American Girl” (which really tried so hard)).

Ironically (or not): Jodi Long plays Byrne’s mom, and she had played Margaret Cho’s mom in “All-American Girl.”  Hmmmm…

We can wish for a good summer tv, while waiting for more summer movies. We shall see….

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