Memorial Day Monday

Hope you took a moment to observe the meaning of Memorial Day.

Saturday: saw “Angels and Demons” – nothing spectacular, but Tom Hanks as Prof. Robert Langdon is bearable; Stellan Sarsgaard handles himself well; and Ewan McGregor as a hot priest — mmm! Except for the twist that should have been foreseeable, McGregor was good old fashioned fun.

Sunday: re-watched the Star Trek movie. Still good fun.

Apparently, Slate’s John Dickerson might be a Star Trek fan. Or at least I liked how he ably analyzed the way Obama approaches “empathy” and further elaborated on the whole “Obama is Spock-like” theory.

Really great cover article by Time’s Nancy Gibbs and Michael Scherer about Michelle Obama. I liked these lines: “Maybe this is what women watching her covet: not the clothes or the glamour or the glory, but the fact that she seems to be having a blast, in a way Laura Bush and the rest never did. After working hard for 20 years, she gets to take a sabbatical, spend as much time as she wants with her kids, do as many high-impact public events as she chooses and, when it’s all over, have the rest of her life to write the next chapter.”

Slate presents an alternate universe, where Obama and Friends are on Facebook and posting stuff about those first 100 days. Very funny! asking US Dept. of Energy Secretary Steven Chu questions on US energy policy priorities.

So… it was only last week that got on board with this story about how Big Law Firms are deferring the 1st year associates? The rest of us in the industry have known about this for awhile now. Frankly, the deferred ought to count themselves lucky – when I got out of law school, $60k for that first yr in a non-Big Firm job was good thing. Or maybe the mainstream population ought to start getting scared: if salaries for one industry is starting to drop (or be corrected by market forces), then I’m not sure what can happen to everyone else’s salaries.

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