Memorial Day Weekend

So, not only was Queen Elizabeth the one who received an iPod from Barack Obama (which made Obama the worst gift-giver as a Head of State, since… in all likelihood, from what I’ve read about the queen, she probably already had an iPod), she has also gotten herself a totally special Wii. Man, if Queen Elizabeth also has a Kindle, then she really is a 21st Century person.

Ok, May’s flying by so quickly and I have to do some APA coverage while it’s still APA Heritage Month. Some items for consideration:

So, in California, the election to re-fill former Congresswoman Solis’ seat (because Solis is now US Secretary of Labor) will be a Chu v. Chu election. Either way, there’s going to be an Asian-American congresswoman for that district. In fact, this is likely something of a soap opera kind of election, since Betty and Judy Chu are cousins-in-law – not close and pretty much starting their own family feud. Betty’s a lawyer/city councilperson, Judy was a psychologist/state legislator; Betty’s married to Judy’s cousin; Judy’s the Democrat, Betty’s the Republican; and… yadda, yadda, yadda.

As much as Chu v. Chu election seems like a fascinating political thing, I’m kind of glad I don’t live in California.

Congratulations to the Jih siblings for winning Amazing Race. A fascinating Q&A with these attractive Asian-Americans lawyers (which, understandably, we of Triscribe may find particularly interesting, since… hey, they’re one of us!).

Although, really, it is tad unfair that Victor Jih is a partner of a law firm, alumnus of Harvard Law, AND won Amazing Race. At least his sister Tammy is still only an associate.

Anoop Desai did not last long on “American Idol,” leading to his own Q&A with Entertainment Weekly – so I guess APA’s still haven’t quite made it all the way yet with “American Idol.” But, the winner is Kris Allen won; Adam Lambert is only a runner up (probably a better thing for him in the long run).

NY Times’ Alessandra Stanley reviews the finale of “American Idol” from the tv critic perspective, while Jon Caramanica provide the music critic analysis. Confession: I really haven’t followed much of the whole season, although I did kind of watched Adam’s cover of “Mad World.” (primarily because I was waiting for “Fringe” – but it was an excellent cover – he does have quite a voice).

NY1 covering APA Heritage topics (for a week) – with Lewis Dodley on Asian pop – seriously, Lewis Dodley? He’s been the stiff one in the local news media (even back when he was on Channel 13 – I always thought he was a bit waxy – very anchorman-like). Maybe Dodley likes music in real life or Asian culture; or maybe he was assigned to cover this; all in all, interesting stuff.

Last but not least: Pres. Obama selected the new US Attorneys for Southern District of NY (to you non-lawyers: jurisdiction of Bronx, Manhattan, and downstate upstate) and District of NJ. Bonus for APA Heritage Month: an Asian US Attorney for NY, Preet Bharara.

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