Leaps of Faith and Logic

Sorry that Triscribe was out most of the day Sunday, because I forgot to renew the domain name (whoops). Got it fixed in 10 minutes, and even snagged a coupon code. We’re good for 3 more years….

First snow this season – took P’s sister’s dogs out for a romp while she’s away in Belgium.

RIP Daredevil Evel Knievel, succeeding when actually failing to jump over objects, earning the Guinness World Record for broken bones (40).  In the weeks before his death, he amiably settled a trademark suit against Kanye West’s parody of Knievel’s Snake River rocket shot, and was baptized on the Crystal Cathedral’s Hour of Power show. Definitely did things his way.

Stuck into a monster collage aid bill is a requirement that colleges and universities provide subscription plans for download music and to implement blocking for P2P file sharing, or their students lose all of their federal financial aid. Let’s get this straight — we can’t make sure students have a health insurance plan (many college students lose their health insurance in their senior year soon after because they age out of their parent’s health plans – most law students are completely bare except for what they can get from the institution or the ABA, and that is generally major medical only) but we can mandate that they pay for a music subscription plan. What kind of logic is this?

Brunch: Belleville – P got an omelet, I got the Norwegian eggs Benedict. Both were served with hash potatoes and a green salad. Her omlete was perfectly fluffy; my dish was excellent except a dry muffin (but that could be our fault for showing up at 2 PM). Web reviews seem to be down on them lately, but if they can cook decent eggs, the kitchen deserves a chance.

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  1. Hooray! Three more years of Triscribe! I should chip in; let me know the next registration time!

    The whole health insurance thing is pathetic considering how the USA’s health care system isn’t exactly cheap and user-friendly to anyone, forget students. Short of hoping we don’t fall ill or get in terrible accidents… well, it does suck.

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