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You’re an Oyster!
You don’t have a ton of complexity or identity on your own, so you’ve made an effort to focus on making a nice and sturdy house. It gives you the appearance of being interesting as well as a good place to hide from your critics and those who might expose your secrets. At least you can remind us all of what humble beginnings we’ve all come from. People associate you with really good crackers.

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So I’m back on the road again. This past week, one day trip to HK for a meeting. Then flying off to HK again this weekend. Next week to Korea’s Jeju Island for some team building exercises. Jeju island apparently is the honeymoon getaway for many Korean newlyweds. We’ll see how it is…. excited for my first Korea visit!

Mixed views of the added travels for Sept. More HK and Beijing as well before a week long holiday with the B-‘s family end of the month.

Fun stuff….

Labor Day Weekend!! We’re going to hop on a plane to exotic…

…Cincinnati ?!

We’re off to see the bris for P’s godson’s brother in America’s Heartland. It will be good to see one of P’s good friends, who happens to be going to law school right now. Now this is not exactly what I was expecting to do on Labor Day weekend – we as a rule try to avoid any sort of travel, not even to New Jersey. It’s supposed to be full of BBQ and the close of summer activities. It seems that the most exciting thing that’s going on is a full-fledged renaissance fair -I’ve always heard of them back in my D & D days, but never really went to any. The other thing to look forward to is the Cincinnati food – according to Food Network, the things to check out are the local style chili and Graeter’s French Style ice cream . We’re going to check out the Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse as soon as we touch down.