Week in Review

Last Saturday – went to Brooklyn Museum, the last First Saturday until October. Warm day; museum’s air flow a bit lacking (the stairs were quite warm). The more I visit, the more I think I like the new entrance – it feels inviting and mixes the old and new well. The exhibits were curious and interesting, even if not quite my cup of tea (guess I’m just not a modernist or post-modernist?):

The long-term installation of The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago – a look at women’s history – kind of intriguing, but a bit frustrating. The dinner placemats representing prominent women of history stressed the representation of the symbolic woman – the anatomy of woman – and less on person (which, to be honest, is what women’s history is about?): for example, Sojouner Truth’s placemat – a ceramic dish withe a commemoration of her past as an African-American slave – was unique; others seemed more about the woman than her work or her past – ex., Susan B. Anthony’s ceramic dish seemed too flowery for me.

Global Feminism gave some food for thought – different perspectives on being woman and love and desire and so on.

Magic in Ancient Egypt: Image, Word, and Reality – fascinating look on the ancient art of magic – what did the Egyptians believe it to be, and what kind of power it had. Loved the Decorative Arts Galleries and the period rooms – made me feel like having the dollhouses I always wanted and imagining what was it like to be a colonial resident or a Rockefeller who once had these rooms.


Slept through the stormy early morning; didn’t think – “whoa, tornado in Bay Ridge?” which ain’t that far from my neck of the woods; and then had the joy of the insanity of the Commute from Hell. Sweltering in the subway, sardine in a can feeling, and then walking to work from the further afield subway station. How good is it that the F was the only subway working in Brooklyn, and such the mess as it is? At least I didn’t walk to work from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wednesday night: Finished reading “Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows,” the last Potter book by J.K. Rowling. Still trying to digest the conclusion. I thought it was a good ending; a great ending? Can’t say for certain. Saddened by the casualties. But, has it been worth it to read the journey of Harry Potter? Arguably: yes. What does it mean to be human; the power of being human – of loving, of having free will, and facing consequences of choice. Heroes aren’t perfect; villains are… well, if nothing else, hubris is always a bad thing – a frailty.

Thursday night: The Soda Shop on Chambers Street near City Hall. Major thumbs up! Food great; dessert – mmm; ambiance wonderful.