Enter the Dragon

Shout-out to YC – Happy Birthday!

On the way right now to the dragon boat races in Flushing. Its a beautiful hot day for it

Last week’s roundup::

Restaurant Week: Cafe des Artistes. Well executed French bistro food. Three courses inclide a fancy salad, a choice of three entres, and a vanilla bourbon cake that really blew us away. Only can really afford the pre fixe menu, which is available for the rest of the summer. Recommended (as long as you don’t object to classic French nude female portraits).

On the other end of the spectrum, P’s friends picked the new three story Olive Garden for dinner. The included salad and breadsticks were ok, the stuffed chicken marsala was fine, but I thought that the pasta was overdone. The craziness was going on outside, where the jumbotrons of Times Square were literally outside the window. So this is what it is to be a NY tourist! You can have just as good food from your neighborhood Italian place, but at least the service is prompt and bubbly. Thumbs down on the mandatory 15% tip, but it’s their loss as we would usually round up towards 20%. We actually came out with exact change.