Marching On

This was a fascinating article in this Wednesday’s NY Times Dining section — except for the part where it referred to David Leong, the man who made cashew chicken as a Chinese-American cuisine of Missouri, reading a “Cantonese language newspaper.” Umm, NY Times: there’s no such thing as “Cantonese language newspaper”; there is only one written Chinese language, even if there are many dialects in the spoken vernacular. Sigh…

Filipino fast food in Queens
. Cool.

This Washington Post article on hash came off very tasty to me.

NY Times’ Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman – with a really nifty recipe of mashed potatoes and dandelion greens with olive oil and bread crumbs. In the video, he made it look easy and delicious.

Apparently, the MTA has a plan to change the subway station at the Mets’ home to “Mets/Willets Point,” because Citigroup and/or the Mets didn’t want to put in the money to call it Citifield station. To save money, MTA shouldn’t bother changing signs at the subway station; keep it “Willets Point/Shea Stadium.”

Last but not least: This Slate article has some good points about Facebook photo-tagging etiquette – i.e., be careful about those way old pre-digital era pictures…


I’m taking my second swimming lesson today at the Brooklyn YMCA. As I succeeded in 1. actually getting into the pool, 2. not actually drowning, and 3. fatefully achieving self-propelled forward motion albeit with the assistance of a boogie board and two of those noodle flotation devices wrapped around my gut, I’m going to call my two year old New Year’s resolution achieved. That does not mean I’m going to be Michael Phelps anytime soon, but I do have confidence that I will be successful, and it only took a few moments to get beyond those personal barriers that reinforced my 24 months of procrastination. Sometimes you just have to do it.

Daylight Savings Time 2009

Like last year, I miss my lost hour. I think losing the hour before spring actually is official isn’t that great an idea; it feels too soon.

Fascinating 1 hour conversation between Robert Wright and Slate’s David Plotz on Plotz’s new book, “Good Book,” which is a book version of his blogging his reading of the Bible in Slate some year or two ago; basically, he, Plotz, an agnostic Jew, realizes how much there is in the Good Book than we realize, whether philosophically, theologicially, historically, etc. I enjoyed Plotz’s blogging (but fell behind when I realized he really was going through the whole Bible); so, I’m thinking this book is going to be intriguing. Link to a piece of the amusing conversation between Wright and Plotz – they really covered a lot and could have gone even further.

Great SNL skit: “The Rock” Obama – don’t get the president angry…

It went well, by the way, with the web exclusive (for many reasons) SNL skit of Andy Samberg as White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel:

A little Doogie, anyone? Something to put a smile on the face: