Daylight Savings Time 2009

Like last year, I miss my lost hour. I think losing the hour before spring actually is official isn’t that great an idea; it feels too soon.

Fascinating 1 hour conversation between Robert Wright and Slate’s David Plotz on Plotz’s new book, “Good Book,” which is a book version of his blogging his reading of the Bible in Slate some year or two ago; basically, he, Plotz, an agnostic Jew, realizes how much there is in the Good Book than we realize, whether philosophically, theologicially, historically, etc. I enjoyed Plotz’s blogging (but fell behind when I realized he really was going through the whole Bible); so, I’m thinking this book is going to be intriguing. Link to a piece of the amusing conversation between Wright and Plotz – they really covered a lot and could have gone even further.

Great SNL skit: “The Rock” Obama – don’t get the president angry…

It went well, by the way, with the web exclusive (for many reasons) SNL skit of Andy Samberg as White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel:

A little Doogie, anyone? Something to put a smile on the face: