St. Patrick’s Day

The passing of actor Ron Silver, a New Yorker who was an activist and artist.

Some local items of note:

Montague Street needs some new businesses; although, Marty Markowitz might want to be careful about attracting big firms to downtown Brooklyn or going too legal-related in the neighborhood. Big Firms are laying off lawyers and paralegals, Marty; that’s no help.

Arby’s in the Gage & Tollner? Look, I like the roast beef sandwiches and all, but… this is so wrong on so many levels.

Another local bit: This article‘s now making me really wonder what on earth is going on with the TGIF’s near the office, which apparently had a drug bust (or at least employees who were involved in some illegal drug activity). The customers weren’t expecting anything like this; no kidding! I haven’t been there in so long and never thought it was that kind of place. Some year or other ago, they had a murder or something; now this; like what? I know business on Wall St. hasn’t been doing too well, but this is a bit much for TGIF.

An interesting NY Times article on the increased patronage of public libraries in Westchester. I’m all for using the library – I still patronize my local branch – but NYC public libraries are facing serious budget cuts – and that means cutting back hours and access. Good for Westchester, maybe, but not so good for NYC.

Article on a windmill in Staten Island; nowhere near close to the idea having a bunch of windmills in the Fresh Kills, but some day…

Dreadful news – fire at Totonno’s means no classic Coney Island pizza for awhile.

Something we are all getting used to on Facebook: Facebook’s latest format. Personally, I’m still wary about new status bar thing’s asking me “What’s on your mind?”’s report on this makes the point of how this can be a bit much of the — uh — let’s say egotism of a Facebook user.

Since we of triscribe are APA’s and people of color and all that, some items of note:

An interesting article on The Root about the “Model Minority” myth as applicable to the Indian-American demographic. I propose retiring the phrase “Model Minority.” If one doesn’t realize that it’s a phrase that divides people and doesn’t realize that it’s a stupid stereotype, well, it’s all the more to rid us of it. (and YC agreed on Facebook; hope he doesn’t mind I noted that!).

YC also noted this on Facebook: “Dreamgirls” – with a Korean cast. A universal story of hope and dreams and – really, who doesn’t love a musical?

A follow up on Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of the Washington DC public school system – apparently, it ain’t easy to reform public schools – as she admits that doing too much, too soon isn’t the way to go (no, really?… okay, end sarcasm now). Seriously, I still don’t envy her job.

I’d read Seattle P-I online for the comics section, since Daily News comics section isn’t as expansive as it used to be. I do think it’s sad that Seattle P-I’s paper version is going to be gone – it is the end of an era when a major newspaper of a major newspaper (the first one apparently) is going only on-line. What about people w/o internet? What does it say about access to info?

Eventually, I’ll do a post on the latest views on tv items, but let’s end on a happy note in the meantime, as we head into March Madness and the Crazy Land of Bracketville – enjoy a little something weird and funny: British actor/comedian Ricky Gervais with Elmo. The article and the AP video (see below) together are hilarious.