Snowy March

Snow in NYC stopped the schools; but not the rest of us city workers from going to work.

Dartmouth selects its new president, Jim Young Kim, M.D./Phd., previously an administrator of Harvard. He’ll be the first Asian-American to head an Ivy League institution.

My Alma Mater names a new dean, Michelle M. Moody-Adams, a philosopher previously of Cornell. She will be both the first black person and woman to be dean of Columbia College, the undergraduate school of Columbia University – amazing because this was the last school of the Ivies to go co-ed (since 1983).

The feds are thinking of changing the name of “No Child Left Behind” Act. As the NY Times notes, let the jokes begin.

I’m no a Battlestar Galatica viewer, but I read the recaps to try to make sense of the show. Interesting article on Grace Park, the Korean-Canadian actress who plays Boomer and the various Cylons of the Boomer model (ok, that probably only makes sense for Battlestar Galactica).