Marching On

This was a fascinating article in this Wednesday’s NY Times Dining section — except for the part where it referred to David Leong, the man who made cashew chicken as a Chinese-American cuisine of Missouri, reading a “Cantonese language newspaper.” Umm, NY Times: there’s no such thing as “Cantonese language newspaper”; there is only one written Chinese language, even if there are many dialects in the spoken vernacular. Sigh…

Filipino fast food in Queens
. Cool.

This Washington Post article on hash came off very tasty to me.

NY Times’ Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman – with a really nifty recipe of mashed potatoes and dandelion greens with olive oil and bread crumbs. In the video, he made it look easy and delicious.

Apparently, the MTA has a plan to change the subway station at the Mets’ home to “Mets/Willets Point,” because Citigroup and/or the Mets didn’t want to put in the money to call it Citifield station. To save money, MTA shouldn’t bother changing signs at the subway station; keep it “Willets Point/Shea Stadium.”

Last but not least: This Slate article has some good points about Facebook photo-tagging etiquette – i.e., be careful about those way old pre-digital era pictures…