A Few Days In Review

Last Friday – lunch at Alfanoose with the Asian/APA alumni group – a downtown Middle Eastern cuisine spot. Attractive restaurant and delicious falafel.

This past weekend – Columbus Day Weekend – the siblings and I did Open House New York! Checked out the no-so-known sites of the city:

Villard Houses/ Municipal Art Society‘s exhibit on Jane Jacobs and the Future of NY.

Governors Island – especially done because we had missed it on the Labor Day weekend. Amazing site.


Chrysler Building lobby – with the lovely Art Deco look and the unique elevator doors.

Rockefeller Center Rooftop Garden – worth the wait on the line – seeing the little flowers, the reflecting pool, and a sight of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Polish Day Parade.

Technically, we missed the OHNY time, but still took a look at these sites, since they were close together:

–> 246 E 58th St., at Second Avenue in Manhattan – unique for being the last NYC townhouse built by modernist Paul Rudolph, with interesting play on verticals and horizontals.

–> Since it was nearby, we took the Roosevelt Island tram, checked out the Roosevelt Island Historical Society Kiosk, and walked around a bit on Roosevelt Island.

Columbus Day Monday – tutti frutti waffle in chocolate sauce, at Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man, at its 2nd Ave/9th Street location. This spot isn’t nearly as over the top as the 14th St/Broadway location, but it’s all okay!

Finished reading In the Shadow of the Law, by Kermit Roosevelt, a look at a fictitious white shoe Washington DC corporate law firm. At times laugh out loud funny (particularly the parts where some of the younger associates manage to make fools of themselves; ah, silly associates!) and at times bittersweet (you can awfully sorry about how the partners realize their lives become so meaningless or how the managing partner seemingly has no problem about accepting artificial values), it makes the practice of law a dilemma. Why are we lawyers; what are we doing with ourselves? The ending is ambiguous, which makes it hard to give a rave review for me, but I really liked it. Very good read.

Umm, I could feel sorry for the Yankees’ losing, but it didn’t quite come about as a surprise. Anyway, the Yankee fans can join us Met fans in mourning; nothing makes things better than misery loving company.

Tonight – dinner at the Soda Shop. Major thumbs up!