Disappointing Weekend eating, immersive weekday conferencing

Wow, what a weekend of eating strikeouts!

U-choose noodle shop: new $1. Per item on soup noodles  store on Mott Street replacing the long vacant Hop Kee. location. Good side: restored the historic Loonie’s Coffee Shop sign. Downside: by the time you get through the loine, you’ve picked up $9 of toppings. While they have 6 different types of noodle, they don’t have wontons., and the stock is made from food service stock paste concentrate.   Eh

Coco Roco, 5th Ave Brooklyn: we really wanted to like this  place as we had sampled their ceveche during the Bastile Day festivities, and they were awesome. The ceveche again was great, but their kitchen was completely swamped. Our food was cold, and by the time we ledt 2 hours later, they were still 9 orders behind. If you go, stick to the ceveche and their rotisserie chicken.

Biscuit BBQ: we had a craving for chicken waffles, which is coming soon to the Gage & Tollner site, so we tried for the next best thing – Blue Ribbon.  Alas, brunch was over, so we tried Biscuit BBQ. Brisket was okay, required liberal application of the vinegary red sauce. P remarked that the grits were underdone.  The namesake biscuit was dry and tasted of baking soda. They do good in sponsoring community events but the food needs work.

Enroute to Seattle for the rest of the week.  More entries to come.