Last Weekend before Halloween

A spacial anomaly being the relic of Big Bang? Yes, the universe is weird.

I watched this past Monday’s “How I Met Your Mother” – funny! Future Future Ted tells his kids how he dated a woman – whose name he can’t remember, so he calls her “Blah Blah”; so we watch the gang hang out with Ted and Blah Blah. Blah turns out to be this insecure woman who Ted met on-line in one of those virtual game things; Barney explains the Crazy/Hot Scale – it’s okay to date someone crazy so long as they’re hot. Blah turns out to be on the unacceptable end of the Crazy/Hot Scale, Ted and the Gang realizes. Robyn swears that there can never, never, never be a relationship with Barney (well, there have been weird indications in the past that she and Barney would never go there, but the chemistry’s good and we still don’t know what happens to Future Future Barney and Future Future Robyn – Neil Patrick Harris as Barney ends up elevating everyone’s acting game, so who knows who he gets paired with?). This season, we get another glimpse of Future Marshall and Future Lily (in a future period prior to where Old(er) Ted (Bob Saget Ted) is telling the teenage kids the story of HIMYM), this time hanging out with Future Ted at their college reunion, with Future Ted wondering where’s his wife. Hmm. The Powers Behind HIMYM is toying with us as to who the mother of Future Future Ted’s kids.

In the NY Times: an interesting look at Kinokuniya, the Japanese bookstore that’s located at Rockefeller Center but now heading to Bryant Park.

Ooh, how exciting – Seurat at MoMA! NY Times’ Roberta Smith reviews the exhibit. I like the idea of fitting Seurat in the context of the bridge between modern art and what came before. Then again, I was a great big fan of Seurat, so let’s see if I do get around to seeing this exhibit.

Interesting to note that a good chunk of the presidential candidates are lawyers (or in Mitt Romney’s case – one who has both a J.D. and M.B.A., but chose the business side of things) – what would this lead to, one wonders. NY Times’ Adam Liptak discusses how the candidates were as lawyers.

A book review from last weekend’s Washington Post, that I thought was interesting (then again, I’m a sucker for biographies of American historical figures): Jonathan Yardley reviewing a biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt and a conservative doyenne of Washington DC for over half a century.

And, just in time for Halloween: past American Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky selects an autumn stormy poem by a British Poet Laureate for the Washington Post; plus his new book’s coming out, so timing is indeed everything.