Gloomy Monday

Saturday – 9/29/07 – went to Shea Stadium with my siblings. Was pretty dejected over the Mets’ Friday night performance, so didn’t want to go; they won, with John Maine with an one-hitter game; 13-0. However, left the stadium feeling that the job’s not done; pins and needles for Sunday’s game.

Sunday – 9/30/07 – watched the game more or less on the big screen HDTV. In only 20 minutes, the game imploded. Mets’ season collapsed in a stunning fashion. Tom Glavine, the Hall-of-Famer, gave up 7 runs; the rest of the team left 10 people on base. We’re all pretty depressed over this. On the one hand, what is wrong with the Mets – got to blame the whole team. You give us a terrific outing on Saturday, and then blew it. On the other hand – well, I had my feeling about how far we were going to go with this season. But, really, how much more heartbreakers are we going to get around here?

Final thoughts on my SoCal vacation:

Kind of funny that California considers the HOV lane to cover cars with 2 or more people in it. Saw too many cars with only one person in it. And, was that smog, fog, or smoke from the wildfires in the air?

Getty Villa, as beautiful as it was, kind of was still a rich man’s re-creation – an artificial feeling to me – which only became more real when you look at the real stuff – guess the Getty had to return a lot more items to Italy than I thought – but at least there’s culture in LA after all?… Oh well.

Liked the sun a lot; should have bought sun tan lotion, but figured that since I wasn’t a beachgoer I should have been fine; wore a hat more than I usually ever have.

Oh, and pandas! … otherwise, I don’t think I care for zoos anymore…

So would have liked seeing Chinatown, Koreantown, Little Tokyo, but time ran out.

Ah, First Monday at the US Supreme Ct., with all the previews to go with it.

I’ll soon put up a post on my fall tv thoughts…