More Stuff in November

“Hawaii v. Illinois” – the battle for Barack Obama as a favorite son. Can’t we all just get along?

Actually, that headline looked like a college football or college basketball game.

When the economy tanks, Spam and similar canned meat or meat substitute make a comeback.

Time Magazine’s Joel Stein wants his readers’ help in naming his and his wife’s upcoming baby. Hilarious reading.

“Fringe” on FOX has still managed to entertain me, even if it isn’t exactly great tv. I think it’s because the cast is amusing, so there’s much room to improve (as opposed to “Heroes,” which doesn’t seem to want to listen to my advice about focusing on a core of characters rather than becoming a sprawling thing). Anyway, so on “Fringe”: this week’s episode, the boss, Broyles, is all-business but for the creepy-crazy situation about his friend’s heart being engulfed by a Venus-flytrap looking parasite (umm, eeewww!), and Broyles was amusingly confused by crazy mad-scientist Dr. Walter Bishop (Broyles, didn’t you know Dr. Bishop’s a weirdo?).

Peter, Dr. Bishop’s bright and sort-of-sane son, is still coming to terms that his father experimented on him and that they’re working with the government on weird shit (no kidding, ex-Pacey of “Dawson’s Creek”).

Agent Olivia Dunham meets up with an ex-boyfriend (who so far seems honorable – maybe he’ll sort of die in the next couple of episodes and also turn out to be a traitor), and she’s still confused by the Conspiracy, for which Broyles tells her “You want answers? You’re not going to get them anytime soon!”

Hmm. This really does feel like “X-Files”/”Alias”/”Lost” redux here, but it’s forgiveable, because Walter’s a sick combination of crazy and sweet. (“Do you have a mint?”).

“Law & Order” – also entertaining, mainly because I’m turning into a sucker for good-looking men on the show (I guess I really am that shallow). Detectives Lupo and Bernard have to deal with a mentally-challenged witness to a murder. Lupo was so kind – he’s growing on me as a cute charmer (hmm, and he seems to be still taking his night classes at Alma Mater Law School? Thumbs up!). Exec. ADA Michael Cutter takes on a challenge to bluff the parents of the witness – a little twisted, but apparently DA Jack McCoy approves because that’s the kind of crazy tactic he’d take.

Bond, James Bond, is back, but various critics seem to want him to be a bit witter or amusing. Hmm. Maybe it is time to go campy again? I haven’t seen it yet, but it is on my must-watch list.

A strangely entertaining short film that I found on YouTube: