Post-Election Day Stuff and Veterans’ Day As Is

We can hope, America, as Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne says.

Frank Wu, law professor and former Wayne State University Law School dean and writer (author of “Yellow: Race in American Beyond Black and White,”) on parental expectations and how they affect a career – particularly fascinating from the APA perspective. I thought it was funny that he started that article with, “My mother is still hoping I’ll go to medical school.” (I certainly empathized with his point about how his parents weren’t thrilled about his wanting to be a writer; it’s tough, really).

“Law & Order” is back – yeah! So glad we didn’t have to wait until January for it! Last week’s season premiere had the usual twisty legal knots to untie (DA McCoy decides that an anti-terrorism law can be used to charge vigilantes for their acts of murder, manslaughter, and assault, since – arguably – their actions of taking the law unto themselves threatened the legal system); tough investigation (umm, jeez, Detectives, can’t you do a slightly better job than that?). Exec. ADA Cutter disagrees with McCoy’s legal theory, but pulls off a pretty darn good closing argument; and yeah, he’s pretty still hot as ever (uh, yeah, continuing my crushes on British actors playing Americans, of course). The episode ends with some nifty plea bargaining and someone from the media at the press conference asking McCoy if he’s joining the Obama administration… (yeah, some last minute editing obviously threw that in!). Speaking as someone who usually doesn’t watch L&O, thumbs up.

So, if Obama’s imaginary Cabinet could include McCoy, who else could be picked? Television Without Pity posted some ideas, including Donald Sutherland’s millionaire/billionaire Tripp Darling (of ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” for Secretary of Treasury and Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer (of FOX’s “24”) as (what else?) Secretary of Homeland Security (what? Both Sutherlands?). They also nominate James Spader’s Alan Shore (of ABC’s “Boston Legal”) as Attorney General — but, really, over Jack McCoy?! No way!

Good stuff by NY Times’ Bob Herbert, on America’s pride at making this moment in history with the historical election of President-Elect Obama.

On, Pico Iyer on meeting Obama in Hawaii two years ago and seeing the future of America.

Take a moment to think about our veterans on this Veterans’ Day and salute their service and that we as a country can serve them better too.