May TV be back?

Hmm… tentative deal for the writers guild? Dare we hope that we’ll have tv back? It may bring back the talk shows into normality. If there’s a way to be rid of reality tv shows, that’d be nice!

PBS is in the middle of facing federal budget cuts, which is never nice for anyone to deal with. Kind of sad, when PBS has been showing some interesting stuff lately, with Henry Louis Gates’ African-American Lives (nice review in the NY Times by the way) and the documentary on “American Experience” on Grand Central (another amusing review in the NY Times, which observes that the documentary was produced by WGBH/Boston, not WNET/New York).

Am behind on tv viewing, as usual. Imagine if I ever get a Tivo or DVR or other like item; I may never watch tv again, because I’d keep thinking I can watch it later.