Super Duper Duper Tuesday!!!

I missed out on personally watching the ticker tape parade for the Giants. Yeah, I work three blocks away from the Canyon of Heroes, but my office building faces West Street, with the view of the Hudson River and Jersey. Lots of people were already coming out when I got to work – people in Giant blue in Lower Manhattan – kind of nuts, really.

God, it has been awhile since we had a last parade. A whole Q & A comes in handy!

I did get out during the lunch hour to check out the mess – and it was messy. Ticker tape ain’t what it used to be (well, it technically doesn’t even exist anymore), but some people couldn’t bother to shred paper? Why throw toilet paper? Oh well! But, it’s nice to see happy people.

And, voting. Yes, it’s finally Super (Duper Duper) Tuesday. I voted. We’re living in history.