Law & Order Original

I was rocking through the Mesmo TV FB app and got curious about the latest status of the show.  A couple of blogs were saying that it’s not doing well and may be cancelled soon due to low ratings…..  Of course, the changes in the show are mind boggling.

Rocked through it on L&O and Star Trek… unbelievable how addictive FB is 🙁

What’s the deal?

Alternate Reality

Weird experiences:

  • Met a Survivor. Turns out he’s a real nice guy.
  • Got mistaken for a waiter (maybe it was because I was wearing a tux).
  • Witnessed a cugine making several faux pas in a sushi restaurant, such as trying to order drinks from the sushi chef, but otherwise having a good time.
  • Realizing the said cugine lived down the street in the old neighborhood and went to school with my sister.

Places eaten out this week:

Cantoon Garden,  22 Elizabeth Street, Manhattan. Good when not rushed.

New York Marriott Marquis Times Square. Banquet services were good, if pricey.

Mura, 369 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn. Recommended

Kim Paris Vietnamese Grill, 128 Montague Street, Brooklyn. Lunch menu excellent value.

Fresco Tortilla Court Street, 113 Court Street, Brooklyn. G0od cheap Tex-Mex made by Chinese people.