Pre-Thanksgiving Stuff

A somewhat productive weekend – about halfway in the 50000 word National Novel Writing Month project.

Otherwise a sadly lazy Sunday. Watched Kylie Kwong on Discovery Home channel. As noted in a past FC post, I can’t get over her Australian accent. This particular episode I watched had her cooking noodles with her mom and her brother, and serving a whole bunch of dishes in entertaining her fabulous Brazilian friends.

A NY Times look at the law and economics analysis on the death penalty as deterrence issue. I still don’t know quite what to make of the question, since does a criminal really think, “Gosh, I could get the death penalty if I kill so-and-so”?

In the middle of the continuing tv/film writers’ strike – Saturday Night Live… on stage, to help the unfortunate colleagues.

NY Times’ Virginia Heffernan on the release of early Sesame Street episodes on DVD, and how they are so inappropriate for today’s kids (who are not to overeat like Cookie Monster used to be, or talk to strangers like Gordon or Susan or Luis, or notice the odd undercurrent between the roommates Bert and Ernie – hence a parental warning. A parental warning?).

Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library is now having a green roof. Cool.

And… well, I may go into further detail if anyone’s interested about Monday’s tv – a bit behind on “How I Met Your Mother” (a Special Thanksgiving episode) and … what an awesome “Heroes” episode! Mr. Bennet is The Man. Claire is… a dim-witted teenager with a serious power. Elle (played by the ex-Veronica Mars) is… a psycho whose Dad is probably no less foolish (and his identity was not a complete surprise to me; just love it when a theory gets proven true)… well, okay, so I won’t give everything away. Man, talk about timing by the writers’ strike…