Precious time — sleeping

Tired last night…. came back from the IPMF2007 workshop in Taipei and crashed in bed. Didn’t even bother to eat dinner. Woke up briefly to say hi to B- and take a bio break but that’s it. Now back to the IPMF Conference for some more project management learning and PDU capturing.

Was a rough week of travel that did me in…. Seoul Korea on Tuesday, then Malaysia on Thursday. To make it happen, Wednesday was all fly-day, then Thursday meeting then fly back and arrive Taipei at 1am Friday morning.

I’m getting old….

And winter is upon is. I had to break out my leather jacket for Taipei as it’s 20 degrees Celsius and slightly wet.

November Begins!

It is November, and I have now entered National Novel Writing Month, where the goal is to write the first draft of a 50000 word novel by the end of the month. Man, is that nuts – in a month where I supposedly have other things to do. But, it’s a challenge, and I think this is something to get me out of my creative rut, if nothing else. The past couple of days were interesting in how I was – gasp – outlining and doing character sketches. Let’s see what in the world will I be producing. As of 11/1/07, I’ve some 6000 words done (15pps) of I’m not sure what.

Must catch up on “Heroes.” – random thoughts (or not too random) – I’m not one of those people who’s going to start hating on Heroes already. There are storylines which are irritating, yes, but I cherish what’s good. For instance – Mr. Bennet is a scary ass man, because he can and will kill you; Hiro is seriously messing with the space-time continuum (does he always have to fall in love in a messy way?); poor Ando is the sidekick without the hero to be sidekick to; Peter in Montreal – until he – again – may be causing NYC to be in danger. Man, that sucks (again).

Missed Monday’s “How I Met Your Mother,” where actor John Cho guest-starred as a lawyer from Evil Big Firm trying to recruit Marshall, foolish Columbia Law student who wants to be in environmental law on the side of good. I’m going to have to watch this episode on-line.

Tuesday’s “House” was quite good – appearances by House’s former team – Chase and Cameron (with Cameron being sanctimonious as ever) and Foreman returning. Foreman returns! Yay! Now if only the rest of the new team would get their act together. Kal Penn (John Cho’s co-star in “Harold and Kumar”) as one of the House’s wanna-be team applicant got to reveal more of the character than just a funny weirdo. Well, actually, he’s still a funny weirdo; there’s the feeling that Kal Penn or the writers of “House” are making Kal Penn’s character what his Kumar would have been if he stopped his smoking pot and gone to med school already. I’m just thrilled to see an Asian American doctor on fictional tv.

Halloween? — well, I at least managed to watch some of Charlie Brown’s Halloween. Forgot about how crazed Linus was about the Great Pumpkin – the sincerest pumpkin patch? Honestly, Linus, sincerity ain’t worth all that much!

Behind on watching “Life” and “Ugly Betty.” Oh well. I’m just happy to be away from the office!