Happy “Lost” Day!

As Time’s James Poniewozik notes: Happy “Lost” Day! It’s the return of “Lost.”  I’m confused as ever, with tons of questions, as usual.  ‘Nuff said.

Apologies to Conan O’Brien: I’m still cynical.  Why should it be any surprise that Vanity Fair’s cover on “New Hollywood” – to cover the rise of new actresses – lacks diversity, i.e., we’ve got a cover of white women.  Nothing against white women, but what about other actresses of other backgrounds?  Is this what we get when The Powers That Be of Hollywood are not of diverse backgrounds?  I liked that the article references to Gabourey Sidibe from “Precious”; Zoe Saladana for “Avatar” and “Star Trek”; and even Freida Pinto from “Slumdog Millionare.”

Angry Asian Man also links to that foregoing article about the lack of diversity of that Vanity Fair cover, and adds that there’s still not much in the way of Asian/APA representation at the Oscars, beyond – say – Russell from “Up.”

So, as exciting as it is that the Oscars have improved on the diversity of nominated directors and there’s improvement about the nominations of African-American actors (Sidibe, Mo’Nique, and Morgan Freeman) – it is a little disappointing about the lack of Asian/APA’s, after the excitement of last year’s “Slumdog Millionaire.”  Progress takes time, I guess.