Columbus Day 2009

Happy Anniversary to FC and P!

Sunday: tried to do Open House New York; ended up ambling around town.

For Open House NY: briefly checked out the Grand Lodge and Masonic Hall.

Prior to that: brunch at Craftbar (no sighting of owner Tom Colicchio) – tasty.

Afterward: Highline Park – can’t get over how cool a place it is. Checked out Chelsea Market.

Did not get to partake in the (Food Network) Wine and Food Festival
– but pretty sure I saw Masaharu Morimoto walking around (it sure looked like him, complete with an entourage surrounding him).

Jaw-dropping: ex-lawyer reads a book a day for a year. As Peter Applebome noted, “by necessity,” Nina Sankovitch reads books of 250 to 300 pages or less. But, still – jaw-dropping.

My usual MTA rant: uh, right, you guys really care about customer service. The increasing removal of staff at subway stations (causing annoyance, if not fear) and the shoddy weekend service.

I’m amazed that the media reports this as if this were such a surprise; MTA needs to do a better job of giving notice of service detours – simply posting the posters (at non-obvious locations) and posting on or text messages (which not everyone – not tourists, certainly, or others have access at all times) are not sufficient. The local television stations should try to be more helpful in getting the notice out.

Plus, the F train isn’t that helpful.

Obama’s speeches are apparently helping non-English speakers learn English.

Clearly, I have nothing better to do, but to post this: