Chilly October

Amy Tan gets braised in San Francisco (rather than roasted).

Mark Bittman with a bak choy with shittake and oyster sauce recipe. The video was also a good watch; seems simple. I’m not into mushrooms, but the oyster sauce – well, that’s brown sauce that’s good for something anyway.

Fascinating story about Tom Dunn, a lawyer who turns to teaching kids, when he couldn’t continue his criminal defense work due to a health condition.

There’s hope yet that we can save the earth with better thinking about our garbage – recycle and make less waste and so on. A huge “maybe” of course.

Didn’t make it to Homecoming this year, but – despite the loss – I think hope still springs eternal for Alma Mater.

Some NYC items:

Living in Hudson Heights (which seems to be somewhere south of Inwood and north or west of Washington Heights).

When Love is a Schlep” – when singles in the city have to resort to relying on mass transit and the far distances of the outer boroughs (well, true, it isn’t that easy).

Sports radio fans: Mike and the Mad Dog were actually back together (scroll down to Mike and the Mad Dog reunion to listen to it on, on Friday, 10/16/09, at the Yankee Stadium playoff opener – however brief a reunion). Well, guess only the Yankees can do that: creating reunions for people’s enjoyment.

I’m behind on “Law & Order” (insert teeth gnashing) – but here’s two of the three on the Law side to give us a peak on what goes on in the behind-the-scenes (Linus Roache in his real accent):

Oh, I just adore the current NYS Lotto “Sweet Millions” ad campaign. The commercials (see below) are so adorable, and the posters of the furry animals are soooo swweeeet!