Post Weekend

Saturday: Cebu, in Bay Ridge, for brunch. Pretty nice.

A review of a book on J. Clarence Thomas, by Washington Post reporters. Sounds fascinating.

Speaking of Supreme Court justices, apparently, J. Breyer didn’t do too hot on a quiz show on NPR. Oh, well – I saw the questions (apparently, he had to answer three questions about rock history to help a law student win a prize), and I couldn’t possibly answer them either (I know very little about David Bowie et al). At least the law student ended up getting a signed copy of the Constitution from Breyer as a consolation. And, it’s NPR, so it’s kind of for a good cause.

The Zagats in the NY Times this Sunday, on “Eating Beyond Sichuan” – their hopes of Americans’ opportunity to eat authentic Chinese food. Umm, I wonder – do they mean the Americans outside of the NY metropolitan area?

Oh, YouTube. Oh, this is funny – a tribute to Bob Ross, that perennial painter of PBS (may he still be painting little trees in a happy afterlife; peace be with you, Bob Ross, wherever you are!).