Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers Everywhere.

Hmm. Spider Solitaire (usually found on Windows XP) – an addicting game to say the least – really have to pull away from it. Really. I’ll say that much.

Just a little catching up: last Sunday’s APA Heritage Festival at Union Sq. was very nice – pretty much bumped into everyone!

The custody battle for a beloved dog.

A look at the art of Edward Hopper.

Last month, I noted the story of the governor who tried to live off of food stamps for a week. Saturday’s Daily News reports that, this week, City Councilman Eric Goia (D., Queens) is trying out the experiment. He’s apparently coming down to the determination that there are people in hunger in this city. No, really? Well, we’ll see if this trendy experiment will bring up new ideas and ways to battle poverty and hunger in this city/state/country.

Interestingly, NY Times has an op ed on the subject of hunger and food stamps this Mother’s Day.