Newsweek’s “The Gaggle” blog has a correspondent who visited the Baskin Robbins in Hawaii where Pres. Obama had his first job as a kid. Kind of cool to think that, back in the day, the president had a regular after school job like anyone else.

On Channel 13 at 9pm, on “American Masters” – a presentation of “Hollywood Chinese.” Something to look forward to watching!

Another PBS thing: the current impact of “Sesame Street” in the day and age where kids’ attention are all over the place.

Hat tip to the Trek Bulletin Board on TrekNation: Leonard Maltin’s interview with Anton Yelchin, with a question about his portrayal of Chekov from Star Trek – real cool! (I liked how Yelchin played such an adorable and smart Chekov – kind of like how Wesley Crusher from ST:The Next Generation kind of was in his best episodes).

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