I’ve been on a bit of a Spring Break hiatus (thanks for SSW for holding down the fort). I’ve upgraded to WordPress version 2.5 on the back end, which is actually quite nice. Will make some changes to the template. In the interim, I’ve been doing the following:

Seen Rent – the musical (have seen the movie, have the cast album, and played out the song book, but finally got around to seeing it in real life). Its run has been extended to September.

Was in Washington, D.C. for a couple of days for a conference, coincidentally when the Spitzer story broke.

Seen Patrick Stuart in BAM’s rendition of Macbeth. Awesome, and has been carried over to Broadway.

Overdid Brooklyn Restaurant Week, visiting

  • Blue Ribbon Sushi (awesome as usual – sushi/sashimi combo the best value)
  • Queen (excellent Italian)
  • Park Slope Chip Shop (2 for 1 was awesome, cod and chips cooked to perfection)
  • Dhaka Indian on Atlantic Avenue (2 for 1 also a value meal)
  • Taze (great food, but cheaper to order off of the regular menu)
  • Mediterra (had brunch, hard to figure out what was Turkish about the cuisine).

Hope for an awesome week ahead…

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