Stuff in Summary

Still in CA. In summary:

Thursday – late plane; check in to hotel across the street from Disneyland; Millie’s Restaurant and Bakery, near the hotel; Downtown Disneyland (which was evidently inspired by (new) Times Sq., which was inspired by Disneyland (kind of head-scratching there); Anaheim Angels game (I’d still call them “Anaheim Angels,” ’cause they’re in Anaheim).

Friday – IHOP for breakfast; Disneyland; Getty Villa; UCLA women’s volleyball game (rather serependipitous); California Pizza Kitchen. Rain in SoCal, quite a soaker for an area that obviously didn’t have rain in too long.

Saturday – McDonald’s for breakfast; trip to Legoland;In-N-Out; San Diego Padres game.

More later.

Plus – the passing of Marcel Marceau.

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