About Triscribe

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This is an experiment in creating a writing community, partially to satisfy a New Year’s resolution that I made at the end of 2003, partially to keep tabs on my friends and have friends keep tabs on what I have been doing. While there is no expection that all writers will blog every day, the variety of writers should come up with something new on a daily basis.

House Rules
Member Authors

  • Are of Asian/Pacific Islander heritage
  • Hold a degree in law (JD or LLB)
  • Are invited to join by me (FC). If you know me in real life and would like to receive an invitation, register here and I’ll give you writing privileges.

Writing Guidelines

  • Any topic is fair game
  • Authors may not publically identify other member authors or any person not in the public view (i.e. significant others). Using first initials, pen names or call signs are ok.
  • Authors own their writings, and the writings are the authors’ own viewpoints
  • No gratuitous profanity
  • I am pretty laissez faire about free expression and will avoid editing writings, but I own the website, and can choose to not publish or to unpublish anything for any reason

That is all. Thanks for visiting and for your support. FC