Thanksgiving Continues

A former lawyer who has a pretzel shop; lawyers are everywhere.

Well, there’s also Joan Biskupic’s upcoming book on Justice Scalia, as reviewed by Emily Bazelon of Slate. Apparently, Scalia’s just not that pleasant or keen on being persuasive, but he’s very very smart. Not new information, but it sounds like a reasonably interesting book.

NY Times’ Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman with a turkey and spinach curry dish (check on the webpage for the video link – the dish looked tasty, even though I’m not a curry person), as an option for day 2 of turkey leftovers. An Asian-American fusion – plus, just in time for that Obama State dinner with the Indian Prime Minister Singh.

NY Times’ Gail Collins has a pretty sharp column this Thanksgiving, closing with:

When [President Obama]’s not making his way through Thanksgiving photo-ops, he’s adding up the numbers over and over in his mind, and sending mental daggers at the Republicans who are yelling at him about deficits that they created.

Although what else could he expect in a Washington that thinks you can pardon your turkey and eat it, too?

Time’s James Poniewozik with his own on point Thanksgiving post on the Tuned In blog, embedding a very appropriate Simpsons clip:

So, for the record, Homer’s right: be grateful for the occasional moments of peace and love (although, unlike Homer, I tend not to think that solar power is NOT a pipe dream, since the sun’s going to be around a billion more years).

For your viewing pleasure, in between eating and being thankful.: