Happy Lunar New Year and A Super Bowl Sunday

Gearing up for the big game tonight?

If not: PBS has counter-programming with Masterpiece Theatre’s “Emma” (all three-parts).

True, the Jets aren’t in, but it sounds like the Big Game (in Dallas this year) could be interesting with Packers v. Steelers.  Not sure about whether the commercials will be interesting though.

That was pretty powerful though: a 20 second bit of FOX having actor Dan Lauria, who’s playing Vince Lombardi on Broadway, play Lombardi to goad the current Packers, as part of the mega pre-pre-game festivities.

Amid all the drama surrounding Amy Chua’s book (you can check the links I noted), her husband (yeah, another Yale Law professor), Jed Rubenfeld, has another historical thriller/mystery, “The Death Instinct.”

(I did a search – I actually did notice Rubenfeld’s past book; but I never get around to reading it)

Anyway, so Rubenfeld’s latest book seems to have positive reviews so far and when I skimmed the first chapter, it seemed to be pretty gripping.  But, it must be tough to be in a household where you both have books out at about the same time and the reviewer in the NY Times couldn’t resist noting your wife’s controversial book in the review for your book.  Geez.

Check this out: The (PBS) Newshour does a review of how their new format’s been doing.  Impressive that the new format of The Newshour has turned out well (at least, better than I expected; but then again, I’m probably the generation that’s watching more Newshour on-line than ever).

Slate article pondering the popularity of “Hawaii 5-O.”  I haven’t watched the show in awhile. But, I do like Scott Caan and Daniel Dae Kim. And, hooray for diversity for on tv! This show probably has more APA’s on screen than anywhere else, not to mention that it is helping the economy of Hawaii (kind of like how “Lost” and “Magnum, PI” and original “Hawaii Five-O” did).

Mark Bittman moving on from The Minimalist column; he’s heading to the opinion side, to talk about food (as an industry, as politics, as culture – because we’re screwing ourselves with bad food – take a look at the first post of his new blog on the opinion side of the NYTimes.com). Good luck, Bittman! Loved your videos!

With all the horrible weather that we’ve been having: find your inner Cory Booker.  Dig out yourself and your neighbors.

Fell a bit behind on this, but: Fred Korematsu Day in California!   Time coverage here, by Ling Woo Liu, director of the Fred T. Korematsu Institute for Civil Rights and Education and a former reporter for Time in Hong Kong (I remembered that she used to be part of Time.com’s old China Blog).  More coverage on Angry Asian Man blog: here, here, and here.

Will post more about tv commentary and other things (as usual) later…

Texas non-Ranger

Dallas is really a pretty hard place to tour around, especially if you don’t have a car. Yesterday I was at the Sixth Floor Museum, a.k.a. the former Book Depository, which was actually quite fascinating. There is no one walking around on the streets – everyone drives. As for the moot court competition, unfortunately our teams didn’t win this year either. It’s UC Hastings vs. Chicago Kent. Had BBQ yesterday — ribs were good, but the chopped beef was not so satisfying. The hot links were fine, though.

I’m going to try to wander around today and see what I can find.