About Triscribe

Triscribe started out in September 2003 as an experiment in group writing among three friends. What do we have in common? We’re Asian Americans who went to the same school to study rhetoric and creative writing (otherwise known as a law degree).

After four years, it has evolved (devolved?) into a menagerie of travel logs, food reviews, and random clippings. We don’t have too much in the way of rules, except that we identify ourselves and people not in the public eye with initials to preserve some privacy. If we can link to you, you’re fair game though.

FC is the ring leader and technical admin. Loves to write about food and travel, and throws in the occasional essays and creative writing (haikus and James Joyce-esque pieces have been known to appear). He also takes the food porn photos and makes the occasional audio/visual treat. He’s getting gotten married to P- in October 2008.

SSW, our anchor blogger, focuses on current affairs and entertainment news. If it’s on TV, she knows about it. She also writes fiction, most recently of novel length.

YC is our foreign correspondent, currently residing in Asia (you’ll need to read the blog to figure out which country he is in this week). Food and travel, that’s his game.

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